Moving from Japan - Moving Checklist


checklistAre you moving from Japan? Get organized well in advance before moving. Assign a moving folder where important documents are put. Link to a personal organizer, write to-do memo`s on a wall calendar where everyone can see.

Immediate  Visa requirements for destination country, apply for necessary visa.
Drivers license – apply for international drivers license. 
Communicate and share information with family members and friends
 2 months prior

Determine approximate volume.  Container sizes - Big Moves or Cubic Meters - Small Moves

2 months prior

Determine services required:  Items to go by Air & Sea, Pet shipping, Motor vehicle, Packing, handyman repairs, cleaning, appliance disposal, storage etc

2 months prior

Request quotes and select Moving company.

2 - 6 weeks prior

Insurance - Arrange travel and accident insurance, cancel home, car insurances as appropriate.

Bank & Credit cards - advise bank of new contact address, arrange for payment of bills, transfer funds/or closing of account as appropriate.

Clubs and organizations – advise club of move and if appropriate cancel membership.

Computer - back up important files, emails.

DVD/CD rental – return membership card

Electricity/Gas/ Water – advise termination date and where to send last bill (Typically landlord).

Embassy – advise new address if registered.

Friends – farewell parties, advise new contact details

Health – obtain doctor and dental records for all family members as appropriate.

Landlord – provide notice of tenancy agreement cancellation, arrange inspection date.

Magazine & newspaper – cancel subscriptions

Post office – advise date of last mail delivery and advise new mail forwarding address.

Schools – notify school and teachers, obtain records and testimonials for next school.

(Make contact with potential schools at destination)

Tax Department – determine tax liabilities, and if eligible for refunds

Telephone and internet– advise termination date and where to send last bill.

Ward Office – visit government ward office, advise of cancellation of residency for national insurance, superannuation and ward tax payments. * Residents on January 1st, each year are liable for ward taxes.

4 weeks prior

Spring Clean –sell, donate, call recycle shop or dispose of unwanted items. “Sodai Gomi” (Large item trash) such as desks, washing machines and refrigerators is a paid service.

 Food (including spices, tea, dried, canned, frozen goods, wine, alcohol, drinks)  Start to eat, drink/dispose/give away

3 weeks prior

Put passport, airline, hotel booking, insurance policy and other important documents in a safe place to avoid being packed. i.e. In carry on luggage bag, or dedicated folder

During Packing

Advise packers of items which require special attention or care and be available  to advise and answer packer questions.

 Assign value to packed items on packing list for insurance and customs. Sign and retain a copy for own records.

 After packing is complete inspect all rooms, closets, storage spaces, and balconies to ensure all items have been packed, and loaded to truck.

Same or following day

Handyman repair services/cleaning prior to landlord inspection

Airport - Japan Hand Foreigner Registration (Gaijin card) to immigration officer and complete exit procedures.