How does determine the size of my shipment? Can I tell you the size?

First of all, the shipment size is determined by shipping company warehouse measurer or an independent 3rd party surveyor from the Japan Measurement Association. The size is reported to Moving Japan who in turn will invoice accordingly. There are two types of measurements: (1) Individual and (2) BULK. With an "Individual" measurement, each box is measured separately. With a "BULK" measurement, all boxes are placed together and measured. BULK measurements can be different from individual measurements, however, both are common practice. Non stackable items are sometimes assessed as BULK. To avoid "BULK" measurements, limit the number of different size boxes to a minimum (eg. 4 different sizes) and make sure they can be stacked.

Submitting your own measurement list is also a good idea. There is no guarantee it will be accepted, however, it is good shipping policy and shows you are organized.

At reservation time, we require you to provide an estimate of the size of the shipment. This is used to arrange suitable truck size. The official measurement will be completed as described above.