Hakone Travel Guide


Hakone Travel Guide

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There are so many ways to get to Hakone.  The two most popular routes are discussed here.  One route is getting there quickly by car and the other is taking you sweet time by train, bus, and ropeway!

Hakone is about 2 hours away from central Tokyo by car.  Be aware that on national holidays the time it takes to get to Hakone can considerably increase.  No one would be surprised if it took you 4 hours!  By car, you predominately go along he Tomei Expressway and exit at the Gotenba exit and head south towards Ashinoko Lake.  There is an alternative, more scenic, route that takes you along the coast.  To take the scenic route, drive first down to Enoshima then take the Toukaidou Kokudou Route 1.  

From Shinjyuku, it takes approximately 2 hours


Hot Springs & Spas

Himeshara Hot Springs

Yu No Sato Okada - http://www.yunosato-y.jp/english/index.html

Another hot spring.  Boasts 5 different sources of hot springs at the foot of the Yusakayama mountain.

Hakone Kowakien Yunessun - http://www.yunessun.com/english/yunessun.html
Bosts 25 different kinds of spa related services and recreational activities.  Some of the favorites are: Rodeo Mountain, Japanese Sake Spa, Grean Tea Spa, Coffee Spa and Wine Spa!  Bathing suit required!  

Mori no Yu -  http://www.yunessun.com/english/mori_no_yu.html
This is actually apart of the Yunessun complex.  Enjoy a nice 'naked' experience without a website (just quoting the website!).

Hmmm, how would one translate this?  Water-sprite Heaven?  Anyway, it is quite famous amoung Japanese for its reasonable price and easy location.  It comes with 3 outdoor baths (2 men and 1 woman's), 1 private indoor bath and a foot bath!  The indoor private bath is only Yen 1,000 for 45 mins.  You must be a guest at their lodge to use it and can only reserve it upon check in.
Tenzan Toji-kyo
The facility has 5 baths for men and 6 for women.  There are also shops and restaraunts.  Very old and authentic type flavor; very nice!

Probably one of the more famous Japanese hot springs. 
Hakone Lake Hotel Shakunage Hot Springs