Can we pack items inside chest of drawers, cabinets etc or must they be empty?


There are advantages and disadvantages of packing inside furniture items


1) Reduced overall volume

2) Protection of fragile items i.e. crystal.   (Rather than casing can pack and secure inside furniture)



1) Weight increases, making handling more difficult. Potential damage due to dropping.

2) Movement of  items during transit.  If items can move in recess area, drawer area etc - damage to internal packed item, and furniture can occur.

3) Displacement - if furniture item is stowed on it`s side, or upside down - internally packed items disperse. (Potential damage)

4) Customs inpection. - in the event of customs inspection, costs associated with unwrapping, re wrapping furniture items are more expensive.


Recommended tip:  If packing inside furniture, ensure items cannot move in transit, and pack light items rather than heavy items.