Of all of them, MovingJapan.com was the only one


When I needed to ship my belongings to New Zealand, I began by calling half a dozen or so shipping companies that I found on the Internet, as well as enquiring at the post office. Of all of them, MovingJapan.com was the only one that had the answers to all my questions while I was on the phone regarding the process, approximate cost, shipping duration and route, and so on. On top of that, they also came back with the best price. As I was shipping from Hokkaido, every other quote I received required my things to first be sent to Honshu, which hiked the charge a lot. With MovingJapan.com, any middlemen were cut out, and everything could be sent directly from Hokkaido. Once I had decided to have my things sent with them, the process went very smoothly, and any questions that arose from my side were answered promptly. Clear instructions were given about documentation and lists that were necessary, as well as the correct marking method for the boxes in order to ensure easy tracking. I was nothing less than extremely satisfied with the service provided by  MovingJapan.com. If you’re having trouble deciding which shipping service to choose for your move from Japan, for a smooth process and prompt service at probably the best price, I highly recommend them – in particular for those that don’t live on Honshu.  DvG – Sapporo – June, 2010